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A day with Lottie

What a time we had with both Lottie and Hunter - the most beautiful Brother and Sister German Pointer siblings.

After a few photos in the garden, we took a walk in the fields, and immediately got some amazing action shots.

We thoroughly enjoyed capturing the true character of these two beautiful dogs.

A day with Rosie

We had a lovely morning with Rosie, a ball and white English Cocker. We started off in her back garden, taking a number of head and shoulder shots as well as a few action shots - even though her parents weren’t expecting her to be quite so active! We then did a long walk around the common and grabbed some lovely shots.

The reflection in the small creek is one of our favourites.

A day with Pippa

We had a lovely day with Pippa, a working cocker spaniel.

Pippa's such a beautiful dog, and we particularly like the shots of her with her eye contact directly towards her parents.

Pippa also responded well to some of our "noises" and so we managed to capture the great shot of her looking back towards us, as she walked along the path with her parents.

A day with Hunter

What a time we had with both Hunter and Lottie - the most beautiful Brother and Sister German Pointer siblings.

Once we found the water, both Hunter and Lottie played for ages.

We finished in the woods, and the chance for some great backlit images.

A day with Harvey & Sassie

What a time we had with both Harvey and Sassie, two beautiful labradors.

We took the short walk to the common, and immediately got some amazing action shots of Harvey.

Not to be outdone, she may be older but Sassie put on a lovely show for us and showed Harvey she can also create amazing action images.

A day with Hugo

It was a bright and sunny December morning when we had the opportunity to spend time with Hugo - an English Tyme Bulldog.

We went to a small lake and outdoor park in Ascot, Berkshire, near where Hugo lives, capturing some beautiful images

We are proud that Hugo's owners have a set of memories that they will treasure forever.

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