Capturing your dog's true personality in stunning & emotive imagery

We believe that every dog lover deserves permanent memories of their dog being themselves


Pets are family

Our approach to photography is rooted in the principles of authenticity, quality and honesty. We approach our work as a storyteller, not just as a photographer, so we see and share all that’s wrapped up between you and your best friend without saying a single word.

Moments with our pets are some of the most precious moments we experience on this earth. The love that we give and receive, to and from our furry companions, truly sustains us in life. They are our best and truest friends.

Our pets are a part of us. They fill our lives with joy, and leave an unforgettable impression on our hearts. Creating timeless memories with images that capture the unique spirit and personality of your pets and the people that love them is our goal.

We bring joy through the images we create and the relationships we forge.

Whether your best friend is a puppy, adult or senior dog, kitten, adult or senior cat, always remember that you rescued their hearts but they captured yours. This is why we are so passionate about recognising that very special and intimate bond through our photography.

We aim to authentically reflect the character and the personal connection of your pet. Our goal is to capture an emotional moment of character and personality of your beloved pet, through high quality photos that truly can be treasured forever.

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Unconditional Love  -  Treasured Forever

We aim to bring a smile to every pet owner's face when they see their beloved family member captured in a stunning portrait.

When we share our life with animals, we truly understand that they have the capacity for unconditional love, that is otherwise only between a human and its offspring.

It may be the gentle nudge, or a lick of the hand that cheers us up when we are feeling in need.

The dash to the door to greet us is so often the behaviour that puts an immediate smile on our face. They love to see us, actively wanting eye contact and a stroke.

Their presence for us can touch us in so many ways, providing comfort, laughter and a trusted companion. Our pets show us unconditional love and what it truly means.

Regardless of what we are wearing, or how we appear, they look at us exactly the same. If we are happy, they are there. If we are sad, they are there. When we look into their eyes, nothing can make them love us any less. Regardless of what is going on, they are always excited to see us, and love spending time with us together.

If you recognise the value of this almost indescribable bond, then Millers Image Limited (mil) are your perfect partner to capture memories forever.

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