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Jaw Dropping Photography - Cherished Forever

Our goal is to provide our clients with photographic memories – natural images of their pet being themselves – printed as fine art work and high quality keepsake albums, to be cherished forever.

As our animals are so much a part of us, getting to the heart of that with an image is everything. Our goal is to provide custom pet images that encompass the joy and love that your pet gives to you and your family. We create images that evoke pleasure when you look at them on your wall or page through your custom-designed photo album.

We love designing our client’s album and art work, knowing their special memories will be printed perfectly and will be there for them to treasure forever. That is why all of our product suppliers have been carefully selected, are of the highest quality, created by some of the world’s finest craftsman, who complement our dedication to perfection.  

Our albums are handcrafted in Italy and portray a class of elegance. They have an unmistakable style that blends innovation with strong Italian craftsmanship. Spine and back are in leatherette while the covering of the front panel has a printed image. The leatherette can be in one of the 40 available colours. A different colour can be chosen for the cover, spine and back, creating numerous possibilities.

Our Pro Mount wall art is print certified for 100+ years and is inset into a custom made wooden tray frame with an 8mm surround creating the illusion that it is suspended within the frame. This is often used for exhibitions due to its crisp image and matte finish. 

As an owner of a pet with whom you share your life, having an incredible photograph of that animal is precious. Everyone deserves at least one photo of their pet that shows that deep, unconditional and unwavering love. We aim to capture your pet’s true spirit and personality in beautiful, timeless, jaw-dropping photography.

We expect to capture the unique and loving personality of your loyal furry companion in stunning and emotive imagery. Your pets are your family, and from the day they enter your life, to the sad moment they have to leave it, their story is your story. We capture images for you to treasure forever.

  • Summer Cat in November 2016


Creating Precious Memories - Emotions are evoked with printed images

Meeting people who love their pets is always a great experience. Preserving the wonderful memories we make with our furry friends is always an honour and the reason why we do what we do. Photography is our passion and pets are our life so it’s amazing to be able to combine our two loves. We feel honoured to create lasting visual memories for our clients to treasure forever.

People prefer printed images. It has been proven that as humans, we feel a deeper connection to a printed product versus an image shown to us on a screen. When we feel, touch and interact with a print, emotions are evoked and memories are revived.

A print is art, often making your home a beautiful and warm space, full of life. A print is classic and timeless. It never becomes obsolete, like some technologies do. A framed print or album will be there decades from now as part of your family’s historical record.

In our package bundles, we still provide fully edited digital images, for sharing on social media, as we appreciate that our clients want a mix of both printed quality artwork for home and digital treasures for sharing online.

We ensure complete client satisfaction through the highly valued services and products we provide. The time dedicated to each client is significant. From planning, telephone and email communications, the photoshoot itself, the editing, designing of albums, creating online galleries and subsequent viewing and ordering sessions, the hours often run into days.



Our session fees work differently, as there aren’t any!  We have a non-refundable reservation retainer to hold a space for your session.  Then, to give you amazing value, 100% of that reservation retainer transforms into a product credit to be used during your Viewing and Ordering appointment!   



Each of these special collections provide great discounts for all customers


Special Times Need Special Focus - Patience Required

Capturing your kitten or puppy‘s first year with three photo sessions. Special sessions also available for terminally ill and ageing pets.

Our Growing Up sessions capture your pet’s changes over a one year period. This includes three sessions equally spread over the year as a kitten or puppy. As they grow so quickly, this approach ensures we capture the early memories that quickly pass, and adulthood approaches. 

Our Legacy sessions are compassionate and supportive working with pets that are coming to the end of their lives. Every minute owners spend with their pets is precious. Our relaxed style ensures that nothing is rushed and that everyone remains stress-free, particularly your loved companion. These special sessions for terminally ill and ageing pets provide you with treasured memories of the love you shared, and the joy they brought to your life. Once our pets are gone, for most of us, what remains are the special moments captured in photographs.   When required, we will make every effort to schedule a session at very short notice. We aim to create images for a legacy that remind us:

     - of their spirits

     - of their personalities

     - of their very essence.

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