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We believe that every dog lover deserves permanent memories of their dog being themselves

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MIL Pet Photography are Chris & Sue Miller

Whilst we can provide mobile studio services, the majority of our work is on-location, using natural light. We are professional pet photographers, specialising exclusively in dog (& occasional cat) photography. We are based on the borders of Berkshire, Surrey, and Hampshire. As part of continuous improvement, we also study animal behaviour. We believe that the better we know the animals we will take photos of, the more accurately we will capture the essence of who they are. Chris aims to create images that capture the pet’s individual personality and the very essence of who they are. Sue assists Chris in all of our Pet Photography sessions. Quickly building a relationship with your cat or dog, she is able to help make sure that the final images will be treasured forever. Every day of our lives have been spent with some kind of animal. We have had dogs, cats, mice, rabbits and birds - although none of them at the same time! We have also had rescue cats and dogs too. Chris’ travel and portrait photography has been a strong foundation for our work now. We have wanted to make Pet Photography our vocation and have been planning, investing, training and learning from experts at workshops and specific training sessions for many years. Our focused training sessions with other specialist pet photographers have included Maria Michael, Steven Havers, Charlotte Reeves and Nick Ridley. Our motto is to keep on learning, and as part of that we remain connected to other Pet Photographers and attend specialist workshops and conventions to continue to enhance our skills. As well as those we have trained with, our key Pet Photographer influences include Elliott Erwitt, Ilse Bing, Robin Schwartz, Kim Levin, Amanda Jones, Jamie Pflughoeft, Robert Bahou, Ron Schmidt, Andy Biggar, and Jesse Freidin.

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