Capturing your dog's true personality in stunning & emotive photography

We believe that every dog lover deserves incredible memories of their dog being themselves

We have been lucky to capture the personalities of so many wonderful dogs just having fun and being themselves..... from senior dogs in their gardens..... highly energetic dogs in fields and streams..... and even puppies who simply want to play.  All of our clients expect us to deliver the unique and loving personality of their loyal companion in stunning and emotive imagery.

Does your idea of a Pet Photography experience look something like these ?  Which dog sounds most like yours ?

Mature senior, less active, no tricks

Tricolour English Cocker Spaniel

A senior lady, who enjoys a walk and whose "hoomans" wanted to create memories to treasure forever

Well trained, action, retriever, fast

Tan and white working cocker spaniel

Young working cocker spaniel, full of energy. Strong retrieve capabilities and oodles of fun - and absolutely gorgeous too!

Multiple, mixed ages, true buddies

Chocolate Brown and a Black Labrador

Pair of labradors - Young Chocolate Brown and a senior Black Labrador

High energy, less trained, chaotic

German Pointer launching himself out of a stream.

German Pointer launching himself out of the stream. He enjoyed racing around and having fun with his sibling.

Is your dog ready to be the star for the day?

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