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LSWPP Qualification Panel Chris Miller UK Dog Photographer

Chris Miller LSWPP - Licentiate Qualification Panel - Windsor Ascot UK Dog Photographer

"It would not have been possible to achieve this prestigious recognition and achieve the Licentiate Photography Qualification without Coco, Pippa, Luna, Fergus, Louie, Zola, Dexter, Loui, Pluto, Gracie, Dougie, Duffy, Maple, Ollie, and Pip.  

Sincere thanks to you all, and of course your Pawrents for supporting our time together."

Chris Miller LSWPP

Chris Miller has been awarded a Licentiate Qualification (LSWPP) from The Societies of Photographers

Chris Miller LSWPP has been recognised for his on location natural light dog portraits and his dogs in action photography. He has been awarded a Licentiate Qualification (LSWPP) from The Societies of Photographers, the fastest growing worldwide association for professional photographers.

For 40 years, Chris' career was in the Tech Industry where he had a number of leadership roles in companies including Dell, RSA Security, and CA Technologies (Computer Associates - now part of Broadcom). Chris always had a passion for animals and photography.

Initially starting Millers Image Limited and MIL Pet Photography in 2018 with his wife Sue, Chris invested a lot of time in personal development - continuous improvement is something he strongly believes in. Retiring from the Tech Industry in February 2022, Chris has built his encore career now as a professional dog photographer, based from Windsor & Ascot in the UK.

The Societies of Photographers

The Societies of Photographers consider themselves to be the fastest growing worldwide association for serious photographers. The profile of their membership contains many individuals who have enjoyed active careers in many of the traditional 'professions' and to whom 'professionalism' is second nature. It is for this reason that it made so much sense for Chris to continue his personal development with the Society and progress to achieve recognition through their Licentiate Qualification.

As a member of The Societies of Photographers, Chris continued his professional development with the invaluable Mentoring Programme provided by The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. Dog Photography is classified under Portrait Photography. Chris was presented with his Licentiate Qualification for a portfolio of 20 commissioned Dog Portrait images in April 2023.

What is a Licentiate Qualification ?

As a photographer who is a member of The Societies of Photographers, Chris has the opportunity to be part of their Mentoring Programme. The Programme is part of their Continuing Professional Development initiative where their dedicated team of Fellow, Master and Grand Master Photographers provide one to one appraisals of work and advice for progression through written reports.

Chris went through two rounds of one to one appraisals with his Mentor prior to submitting his Qualification Panel. This was invaluable feedback that ensured that the panel submitted was as strong as possible. It truly helped Chris further develop his skills personally and enhance the final images, which in turn will benefit existing and future clients.

As well as a Statement of Intent, the Qualification Panel must contain twenty images which are all judged as a separate image as well as the panel as whole. The judges look for Impact, Creativity & Style, Composition, Image Presentation, Centre of Interest, Lighting, Colour Balance, Technical Excellence, Photographic Technique, and Story Telling & Subject Matter. Gaining this type of qualification for Wedding & Portrait Photography is not easy for any photographer - as an on location natural light Dog Photographer, many consider that a challenge too far.

His Qualification Panel was assessed by five of the Societies' Judges, all of whom hold Fellowship distinctions and in Chris' submission included two IFSWPP Master Photographers and one Grand Master Photographer. The five judges were unanimous in their Licentiate Pass.

“I am very proud to have been awarded a Licentiate Qualification (LSWPP) from The Societies of Photographers, and being formally recognised by such a prestigious judging panel too. The process to achieve the Licentiate means that my clients will receive an even better quality service in the years ahead.”

Chris is thrilled to have achieved the recognition, and encourages fellow Dog Photographers to take advantage of the Societies' Mentor Me Programme. After 40 years in the Tech Industry and completing career number one, he's looking forward to many years ahead in his encore career, now as Chris Miller LSWPP.

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