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We believe that every dog lover deserves incredible memories of their dog being themselves

Frequently Asked Questions

My dog is not very well behaved

Please don’t let your dog’s behaviour hold you back from booking a session.  During our time together, we use tricks and techniques to overcome any training issues your dog might have so we can still capture images for you to treasure forever.  Your dog only needs to be in position for a split second for us to get the perfect shot.

My dog wears a harness normally

If your dog usually wears a harness, please bring a collar and a lead as well so that we can easily edit out the lead from the final images. 

My dog cannot be let off the lead - is that a problem?

If needed, we will capture images with the lead included.  The power of our post processing tools means that a lead can be removed from images in a matter of minutes, leaving you with an image similar to many others you see on our website.

With lead - before edits

Before edits straight out of the camera with lead image of an English Old Tyme Bulldog dog taken in Ascot by MIL Pet Photography

Lead removed - after edits

Fawn and white English Old Tyme Bulldog dog taken in Ascot by MIL Pet Photography, edited with the lead removed

Can I and my children be in the photos?

We enjoy capturing the special bond between dogs and their owners. Most owners like our "obscured owner" images, but we are always happy to capture posed portraits if requested. Please note that our main focus will always be on your dog.

Any tips regarding what to wear?

Even for obscured owner images, it's best to wear clothes that you like wearing and that are not distracting in terms of colour or texture. 

How far will you travel for a session?

We will travel within an hour of Ascot, Berkshire for the photo shoot.

Can I help during the photo shoot ?

It can be pretty chaotic and all help is most appreciated.  Sue is great at attracting your dog's attention, but we'd love you to be involved holding your dog on their lead or tempting them with a treat above Chris' camera.

I have three dogs - will there be any extra charges ?

Our reservation fee is for up to two dogs.  For each additional dog, just add £75 to the reservation fee. This allows for the extra time spent shooting and editing.

Should I exercise my dog before the session ?

Most of our clients do not take their dog out before the shoot.  If you do, please make sure it is a few hours before we start - otherwise it will likely impact the quality of the images and personality we can capture. 

If the weather is poor on the day, can we re-schedule ?

If there is not enough light due to rain, heavy cloud, threat of storms or general unstable weather, we will gladly re-schedule.

How much should I expect to spend ?

All our products options are from the world's leading craftsmen.  Our albums are handcrafted in Italy, and our Pro Mount wall art is print certified for 100 years. Our clients invest at least £500 to have the product they love most,  although most of our clients take one of our great value collections (see our pricing area for more information). All orders are bespoke, and we love designing these with you during your Viewing and Ordering session.

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