Capturing your dog's true personality in stunning & emotive natural light dog photography

We believe that every dog lover deserves incredible memories of their dog being themselves

MIL Pet Photography Experience

Our clients have told us that we have provided them a complete experience for them and their dog.  It's not a short window of photo shots and rushed time slot - it starts weeks ahead of the day itself, and continues beyond - this is a MIL Pet Photography Experience.  So, what can you expect ?

A stress-free and fun experience with no time constraints

With a gentle approach, in an unhurried environment we will capture the loving relationship between you and your dog, creating images to treasure forever.

What we strive to do is capture your dog in their natural environment, in familiar surroundings where they’re relaxed and can be themselves, where their essence, spirit and character shine through.

Animals are best photographed within a natural environment, or at least one they are familiar with. We have the patience and ability to bring out the personality of each dog in heartwarming and often humorous portraits, capturing the spirit of your wonderful animal.

Getting to know you and your dog before the day

We like to understand the character of your dog and to get to know that ahead of the session.

We invest time in understanding you and your dog.

We provide you a series of examples and ideas of our work, to help us better understand what you like, how active your pet may or may not be, and potentially how we can capture similar images during our time together.  

All of our clients love this build up to the day itself, and it really helps us better understand you and your dog.    

  • Podenco Andaluz rescue dog from Spain jumping and leaping at Stag Meadow in Great Windsor Park in Berkshire
  • Cavapoo puppy dogs in action running and flying in Buttersteep Forest in Ascot Berkshire Dog Photography Masters
  • German Shepherd Dog on a run in Burnham Beeches in Buckinghamshire
  • Cute small black schnauzer with her paw raised at Virginia Water in Windsor Great Park
  • Basset Fauve de Bretagne Red Wheaton jumping over a fallen tree at Buttersteep Forest in Ascot in Berkshire

Our time together  

It is critical for all that we create a stress-free, fun experience for our clients and their dogs.

We only take one booking a day so that there are no time constraints.

Most of our clients like us to start in the garden, and then we all go for walkies together. We can drive somewhere local to you, or just walk from your house - our time is your time, and whilst we can normally capture most images inside two hours, we will work at the comfortable pace of your dog, and not a strict timetable or schedule.

Photographing dogs who are genuinely loved and honoured by their families fills our heart with great joy.

The week after the session

After the shoot, we have so much fun reviewing the hundreds of images that we will have then to prepare them and produce slideshow of the very best images from your dog's session.

Most of our clients like to have a sneak preview, and so with your agreement, we will share an image or two on social media.  It's a great way to get a quick view of one of our favourites from the day, and of course, you can share with your friends and family if you wish.

Your Viewing and Ordering session - "The Great Reveal"

Normally within 4 weeks, we get together for a fun session - the great reveal of the very best images from the day.  It’s a chance to touch and feel all the products.  We then display a video slide show seeing your dog's true personality, just being themselves.  

We remember the fun of the day.  During this session, we will go through all the wall art options available and also the amazing handcrafted albums that most clients say they probably wouldn't have wanted before the day, but once they see them, they all want one!  Wall art can be a finishing touch in any home, particularly when it is your loved furry companion on an amazing piece of art!

We are completely transparent on pricing, with most details on our website - there are never any hidden surprises and there's absolutely no obligation to buy anything.  

Four weeks later

We aim to bring a smile to every dog owner's face when they see their beloved family member captured in a stunning portrait. When we share our life with animals, we truly understand that they have the capacity for unconditional love, that is otherwise only between a human and its offspring.

Within four weeks of the Viewing and Ordering session, we receive back from our Italian craftsmen our keepsake album.  We also receive any 100+ year archival pro mount frames handcrafted in England that you may have ordered.  

We prepare these final products for you, and pride ourselves on delivering another MIL Pet Photography Experience for a completely satisfied client, achieving yet another 5 star review.  

We believe that every dog lover deserves permanent memories of their dog being themselves, and love achieving this, every time!

  • Black Labrador posing at Virginia Water Lake in Windsor Great Park in Berkshire
  • Close up of Cavapoo laying in the grass near Windsor Castle just on the Long Walk
  • Rescue Lurcher laying down under a tree close up near Savill Garden in Windsor Great Park
  • German Shepherd Cross Saluki and Chocolate Brown French Bulldog having fun in a forest near Ascot in Windsor Great Park
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