Capturing your dog's true personality in stunning & emotive photography

We believe that every dog lover deserves incredible memories of their dog being themselves

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What Do All Of Our Clients Have in Common ?

• Their pet is an important family member that brings them joy, love and companionship

• Time spent with their pet is valued and they treasure each moment they have together.

• They buy gifts and treats for their pet that they are sure they will love.

• Their pet makes them smile through the sweetest action, such as rolling over for a stroke, or nudging them in a loving way.

• They worry about their pet when they are away from home.

• They have done things to keep their pet from feeling lonely, such as leaving the radio or TV on, or getting a second pet for company.

If the list here sounds like you, then you are very similar to our fast growing community of Dog Lovers!

What is our location ?

Our address is Ascot, Berkshire, and we are based between Ascot and Windsor, and are prepared to travel to you, within a one hour's drive. Within reason, we can be wherever you need us to be.

Time to Chat ?

If you got this far, then we already know that we would love to provide you a magical Pet Photography experience.

To check if we are free for a date you have in mind, or simply to get more information, just complete the contact form

Sue and I always love to talk, so we'd be happy to call you for a chat too - just let us know your details.  If your need is more urgent, you are welcome to call us on 01344 628502

Professional Dog Photographer

A member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP)

Chris Miller of MIL Pet Photography is a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) - the membership category for Pet Photography

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