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MIL Pet Photography - Chocolate Labrador


My Dad wanted to get some pictures of me and my beautiful soulmate, Sassie, to treasure forever. He knows that I am amazing - don't I look handsome in my photo? I tried to smile!  I don't like just sitting around - it's much more fun chasing after my ball and bringing it back, don't you think?  My Dad always throws it away again - he thinks I won't find it, but it's never happened yet!  Chris & Sue had some squeaky toys and sounds that Sassie seemed to love - she just sat there and was happy having her picture taken.  I joined in too, particularly when I heard that weird sound Chris makes!  Sassie just loves the belly rubs that Chris kept giving her.  I managed to get Sassie to run along with me as well, but as she is getting old now, I slowed down - I'm a decent guy, right?   I know her Mum so much wanted a beautiful photo of us both, so I did my special pose.  We now have a massive picture of both Sassie and me on the wall - we look great. Thanks Chris & Sue!

MIL Pet Photography - English Cocker Spaniel


Chris & Sue came round to see me in my garden.  I'm a lot older now, and I can't chase balls anymore but I still like a walk - at my pace of course.  Chris laid down on the grass in my garden - even my Mum & Dad don't do that, so that was a bit weird.  Somehow though, he managed to get a photo of what looked like me running and jumping - no idea how he did it!  The next bit was my best bit, a walk from our house for a stroll around the common.  Chris kept rushing ahead, and trying to hide but I always found him.  He asked me to stay on top of a hill, which I planned to do anyway - I needed a rest, as you can see in my photo!  When we got to the bottom of the common, I found Chris lying on the floor by the stream - I just  had a drink whilst he did his thing.  When we got back, I did a few head to head shots with my darling human sister - we've grown up together, and I know that my Mum, Dad & "Sister" will treasure these photos in their handcrafted album long after I am gone.

MIL Pet Photography - Working Cocker Spaniel


My Mum & Dad have had professional images taken of the rest of the family as they were growing up, but I wasn't around then.  The whole family love me and I love them all too.  My Dad takes me to a place where I copy other dogs, where we smell and find things together.  I'm quite good at it, so when Chris & Sue came round, it's the first thing I did in our garden.  Wherever Dad hid my retrieve, I'd find it - easy!  Seemed to impress everyone.  Also, they kept dropping this feather - drove me crazy trying to guess where it would land!  Chris knows how to capture my true personality, as Mum & Dad keep saying that even now when they look at the album.  When we went on the walk, I had the chance to run and play - so much fun just being myself.  As we were finishing the walk, I wandered along with Mum & Dad.  Chris made that weird sound again, so I turned and yup, you guessed it, that's the picture Mum & Dad put on the wall! Thank you Chris & Sue, my new friends.

MIL Pet Photography - German Pointer


My Mum wanted to get some great pictures of me, and a few with my brother Hunter. She knows I'm adorable and is always telling her friends on something called social media - apparently I have my own account and loads of followers, but I am cute aren't I?  When Chris & Sue came round, my brother was crazy and I didn't expect my Mum would get the photos she wanted.  Chris & Sue encouraged Hunter to stay indoors for a few moments, and so I could pose for Mum in the photo here - nice, eh?  Sue has some great squeaky toys, and Chris makes this weird sound like no animal I have heard before - Mum seems to love the head tilt images it creates.  Then we all went to the woods and stream - wow, that was fun, splashing around, just being ourselves.  Chris even let me stand on top of him for a photo Mum wanted.  It was a great afternoon.  Mum now has a handcrafted album and a photo of me on the wall that I look at every day! Thank you Chris & Sue. 

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