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German Shepherd Dog looking curious directly at the camera in a forest in Windsor near Ascot

You don't sell Digitals? Why are some dog photographers not selling digital files?

It is 100% true that we do not sell digital files. We do not have a “digital only” collection, and there is a very good reason. We absolutely provide digitals - but we do not charge for them.

We are all in a digital world and everyone loves sharing memories through social media. It's not uncommon for a dog photographer to meet dog parents who initially expect to “just buy the digital images.” The belief is that digital images are the most affordable and convenient way to enjoy your photos.

There are “shoot-and-burn” photographers who, for a flat fee, will photograph your dog and put some images in an area to download. You may find yourself agreeing to purchase these digital images before you've even seen them. There's little to no pre-session consultation or in-person viewing and ordering sessions. There's no professional guidance in choosing the best products and sizes most appropriate for your home, as it's all about convenience and not an experience for you and your dog.

We want to give our clients a complete MIL Pet Photography Experience. People come to us for our expertise in on location natural dog photography, and part of that is the quality we put into all of our artwork as the UK’s first certified Dog Photography Master.

We are passionate about dogs and what we do. We work tirelessly to ensure it's an unforgettable and magical experience for you and your dog. We share ideas and examples from so many different experiences from our past sessions. We listen to your desires, to tailor your dog’s session to your dog's needs. From that, we create custom albums and wall art for our clients. Just take a look at some of our previous reviews in the Kind Words section on our website.

Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Dog playing in a lake in Windsor near Ascot

If we did sell high-resolution digital files, we know that people can’t colour correct and get the prints to the quality that reflects our brand. We personally unpack and review every finished product that comes back from our master craftsmen, and we ensure our reputation remains strong through the quality and service provided. All of our clients are thrilled when they get their artwork and albums.

We believe in our clients having the best of both worlds: a magical experience and custom art work with shareable digital files. All of our clients are completely satisfied with having the low-resolution digital files for social media, while having gorgeous artwork for their home, acknowledging the power of that frozen moment that they can look at every day.

In addition, we provide a size matched high resolution digital image for each product purchased, enabling the client to have a digital backup. It’s one of the reasons we consistently receive 5 star reviews.

For our clients where digitals are a priority, they all purchase a hand crafted Italian made album with 21 images, and also receive all 21 files for social media and 21 high resolution digital images as a backup, size matched to the album. If we were to sell “digital only”, they would be at the same price as the albums, which is why all of our clients purchase an album and get the images as a digital backup at no extra cost.

So, if we are really pushed to say yes to providing “digitals only”, we say “yes”... and then ask which colour they’d like their free printed album of 21 images to be in!

German Shepherd Dog flying over a fallen tree in Windsor near Ascot
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