Capturing your dog's true personality in stunning & emotive natural light dog photography

We believe that every dog lover deserves incredible memories of their dog being themselves

Fox Red Labrador sitting and looking at the camera

A Day With Maple, Dexter & Finlay Labrador Dogs

Maple, Dexter and Finlay are three Labradors who love nothing more than having fun.

Maple is certainly the lady, and it clear that whilst she is older and wiser than the two boys, she likes having fun with them too. Dexter and Finlay are both still puppies at heart - and loved our toys and noise makers!

For dogs that truly love fun and games, we always bring a new toy for them to keep. The one thing we overlooked is that perhaps a new toy is not for sharing!

We spent our time in the Forest and let them just be themselves, which included swimming in the ditches!

We had such a blast with these three fun loving Labs, and each of their personalities comes through in the images we captured, many of which now adorn the walls and tables of their owners.

We believe that every dog lover deserves incredible memories of their doing being themselves. Being a dog photographer is our passion and is simply the best job. We love all animals, and whether photographing young puppies or mature dogs, getting up for work every day to capture a dog’s true personality in emotive dog photography is what we love to do, and is the reason we created MIL Pet Photography.

We know that Maple, Dexter & Finlay all mean the world to their owners – like us, they are Dog Lovers and knew they deserved to have permanent memories of their true personality, simply being themselves. We believe that we created a magical and unforgettable experience for them and that together they now have beautiful pet photography of Maple, Dexter & Finlay to treasure forever.

We are proud to share some of their favourite images from our Day with Maple, Dexter and Finlay.

  • Black Labrador sitting in the forest looking at the camera
  • Yellow Labrador sitting in the forest looking away head and shoulder
  • Puppy Dog eyes - Black Labrador
  • Fox Red Labrador standing and looking at the camera
  • Puppy dog eyes from a Yellow Labrador
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