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We believe that every dog lover deserves incredible memories of their dog being themselves

An old English Tyme Bulldog dog In the forest in Autumn taken in Ascot Berkshire by MIL Pet Photography with bokeh

A day with Hugo – English Tyme Bulldog Dog – Rainbow Bridge

It was a bright and sunny December morning when we had the opportunity to spend time with Hugo - an English Tyme Bulldog.

We went to a small lake and outdoor park in Ascot, Berkshire, near where Hugo lives, capturing some beautiful images.

Hugo's owners were keen that we captured his true personality and character. He has a tumour the size of a tennis ball and had fluid drained the previous night.  His owners were really keen for us to provide this Rainbow Bridge Photography session.

We believe that every dog lover deserves permanent memories of their dog being themselves. Being a dog photographer is our passion and is simply the best job. We love all animals, and whilst taking urgent calls for a Rainbow Bridge session is not something we ever wish for, we treat it with compassion and urgency, proudly photographing the dog’s true personality as best we can.

We know that Hugo means the world to his owners – like us, they are Dog Lovers and knew they deserved to have permanent memories of Hugo’s true personality, simply being himself.  With the tumour and the fluid drains from the night before,  we take special care in editing to ensure that these photos don't show any of his treatment, and we are proud that Hugo's owners have a set of memories that they will now treasure forever.

Rest in Peace Hugo.

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