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We believe that every dog lover deserves incredible memories of their dog being themselves

A day with Harvey & Sassie

A day with Harvey & Sassie, Chocolate & Black Labrador Dogs

What a time we had with both Harvey and Sassie, two beautiful labradors - chocolate Harvey and black Sassie.

We took the short walk to the common, and immediately got some amazing action shots of Harvey. Not to be outdone, she may be older but Sassie put on a lovely show for us and showed Harvey she can also create amazing action images.

Harvey did some lovely paw poses, and Sassie even attempted hers too.

With some great opportunities to get them both together in many images, we thoroughly enjoyed capturing the true character of these two beautiful dogs.

Our favourite is of the two of them looking towards their parents, and we are so pleased that they chose this as a huge 40" x 30" piece of wall art where the fur looks so real you can almost touch it!

We believe that every dog lover deserves incredible memories of their doing being themselves. Being a dog photographer is our passion and is simply the best job. We love all animals, and whether photographing young puppies or mature dogs, getting up for work every day to capture a dog’s true personality in emotive dog photography is what we love to do, and is the reason we created MIL Pet Photography.

We know that Harvey & Sassie mean the world to their owners – like us, they are Dog Lovers and knew they deserved to have permanent memories of their true personality, simply being themselves. We believe that we created a magical and unforgettable experience for them and that together they now have beautiful pet photography of them to treasure forever.

Thank you Harvey and Sassie for such a lovely morning together.

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