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Cute small black schnauzer with her paw raised at Virginia Water in Windsor Great Park

4 More Tips for taking great dog photos with a mobile phone

It is often said that the best camera you can have is the one with you at the time - and that applies to the great technology in mobile phones today too.

Until you are ready for a magical experience for you and your dog, with amazing natural backgrounds, fine art edited final images including lead removals, and phenomenal action shots from the UK’s first certified Dog Photography Master, enjoy using these ideas - we are sure you’ll enjoy getting some great dog photos with your phone.

Brown Cockapoo dog sitting on a log with a head tilt in the Ascot forest near Windsor

5. Fun time - silly noises

Ask any of our clients what happens on one of our experiences and they’ll all mention either the weird noises Chris makes, the squeakers Sue uses, or the duck callers and other items hanging around Chris’ neck.

Yup, if needed, we use all the tricks we can to get attention for a split second.

You can get great expressions making a sound not known to your dog, or even using their favourite trigger words like “do you want to... go walkies?” or whatever creates curiosity.

As professionals, we know that we get 2-3 chances with a sound and literally milliseconds to get the shot.

Make sure that any new noises you use, you only use them if essential and then sparingly - immediately followed by lots of praise and reinforcement!

Basset Fauve de Bretagne Red Wheaton

6. Grid - aligning your phone to your dog

You may have heard about composition and even the rule of thirds.

These terms simply refer to how the different elements in your photo combine to form the final image.

Most people take a portrait shot with their dog in the centre of the photo, but you can sometimes make things more interesting by offsetting your dog.

To experiment, it’s good to have the grid option active on your phone, which you’ll find within the Camera settings.

Each time you then take a photo, you can see if your dog or your dog’s eyes are at the intersection points of the lines - essential for composition and the rule of thirds.

Try it - you’ll get some fun results.

Apricot Cavapoo spring time in the daffodils in Windsor

7. Frame - framing your dog

Once you are happy with the majority of your photos, you can start experimenting even more.

To make a good photo a great one, you can frame your dog. This technique is looking to put your dog inside the frame of something else.

It results in the viewer’s eye being drawn more to your dog as the centre of the photo, but with an interesting aspect to it.

If you place your dog in a doorway and get the whole doorframe in the photo, that works well.

If your dog likes boxes, put them in one and look down on them - potentially holding a treat above the phone too.

When outdoors, we’ll often use trees or gaps in hedges and bushes to frame a dog.

Working cocker spaniel in a forest licking her lips for a treat

8. Thank You - show thanks to your dog model

We love our job, and any of our experiences are an experience for the owner and the dog.

If you want to get great photos, then it needs to stay exciting for your dog too.

Positive reinforcement techniques, to teach your dog that good things happen when you are taking photos, is strongly recommended.

Every dog is different and so this may be affection, belly rubs, special toys, or as in many cases - treats!

Don’t get annoyed if you aren’t quite getting the photo you intended. Simply stop, and try another time.

Remember, when we turn up as professionals, we have a range of techniques to keep your dog interested - including simple curiosity as we are not known to them.

Your dog is your dog - and so if they get bored, it’ll get harder each time you want to try. They know you and can sense your frustration. Keep it fun, and show your thanks.

Can we help?

We’d love to deliver a magical experience for you and your dog, with amazing natural backgrounds, fine art edited final images, and phenomenal action shots - but until then, have fun with these ideas, and let us know which idea helps you the most. There are 4 more here too if needed.  We’d love to hear from you, our details are here.

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