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What Do All Of Our Clients Have in Common?

• Their pet is an important family member that brings them joy, love and companionship

• Time spent with their pet is valued and they treasure each moment they have together.

• They buy gifts and treats for their pet that they are sure they will love.

• Their pet makes them smile through the sweetest action, such as rolling over for a stroke, or nudging them in a loving way.

• They worry about their pet when they are away from home.

• They have done things to keep their pet from feeling lonely, such as leaving the radio or TV on, or getting a second pet for company.

If the list here sounds like you, then you will treasure a keepsake album with candid portraits of your pet - a beautiful custom designed photo album or perhaps some stunning wall art. We have chosen these products as they are made by some of the world’s finest craftsman, to showcase the loving relationship between you and your pet.


A Stress-Free and Fun Experience with no time constraints

With a gentle approach, in an unhurried environment we will capture the loving relationship between you and your pet, creating images to treasure forever. What we strive to do is capture your pet in their natural environment, in familiar surroundings where they’re relaxed and can be themselves, where their essence, spirit and character shine through.

Animals are best photographed within a natural environment, or at least one they are familiar with. We have the patience and ability to bring out the personality of each pet in heartwarming and often humorous portraits, capturing the spirit of your wonderful animal.

We like to understand the character of your pet and to get to know that ahead of the session. We invest time in understanding you and your pet. We provide you a series of examples and ideas of our work, to help us better understand what you like, how active your pet may or may not be, and potentially how we can capture similar images during our time together.

It is critical for all that we create a stress-free, fun experience for our clients and their pets. We only take one booking a day so that there are no time constraints. For example, our best dog photoshoots are when we start in the garden, and then all go for walkies together.

Our time is your time, and whilst we can normally capture most images inside two hours, we will work at the comfortable pace of your pet, and not a strict timetable or schedule.

Photographing pets who are genuinely loved and honoured by their families fills our heart with great joy.

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